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About Pacifico Storage

About Pacifico Storage

After several years spent in the state of Yucatan, Craig Strang and Justina Strang moved to Baja California Sur.  Both west-coasters, they missed the mountains and the waves of the Pacific.  Living in El Pescadero for seven years, they thought long and hard about what this area needs.  After talking to a lot of people, they realized that what was needed was a safe and secure storage facility.


About the Owners

Originally from British Columbia, Craig Strang has lived life to the fullest.  He has been coming to the Baja since he was 10 years old.  His hobbies include cars, trucks and motorcycles.  He likes to keep busy and have lots of projects.

Justina Strang is from Alberta.  She moved to Mexico in 2005 with her young son, Austin.   She has an aptitude for computers.  Justina loves dogs, especially big dogs.


Looking for a place to store your things?  Pacifico Storage is the place for you.


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